The Advancement In Technology

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Technology has come a long way. We have all benefitted from technology and technology has been the forefront of our everyday life. Technology has enabled us to do things, that seems impossible. This can range from advance computers to life saving medicine, we cannot imagine a life without technology. Despite our reliance on technology, it was not always the same.
Before technology, we had to completely rely on nature and had to adapt to certain conditions and places. Due to this, life was tough and people had to fight to survive. Survival was hard and only the strongest made it. As life went on, people started using tools for certain purposes. Over time, these tools improved and got better. Similarly, fire became a large part of the people.

Soon, civilizations started growing. The wheel was invented, which created penchant for travel. Improvements were made in many disciplines, ranging from pottery, to iron use and healthcare. As there were advances, people started living more comfortable lives. This made some technology staple of life and continue to do so. Even though, it isn’t comparable as today’s advances from High end computers to a ECG machine to monitor heart activity, at the time, this was a significant development. A few centuries after, trade was conducted with other countries, people created large structures. The silk road began, the east and west exchanged technology, leading to fast growth. This was a time when empires were created, people getting interested in many sciences, religion grew and so on.

This growth also led to war and empires conquering other empires. Despite there being war, growth was continuous. Due to this, large empires prospered. There was also growth during the renaissance era, this is believed to be the beginning of the modern age by most scholars. The renaissance era led to advances in culture, arts, science and many other fields. This was the time of famous historical figures such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Similarly, the industrial revolution was a time where there was significant growth. One of the most important invention at the time was the steam engine, which was come to power all kinds of machinery from trains to boats and even mills.

Today, we have some of the most advanced cars, powerful computers than fit our palm and small electronic blood pressure checker with blood pressure monitor by placing your finger. We have reached an age where, we have complete reliance on technology to supplement all the tasks we do. Even though this over reliance on technology can be called dangerous, it has propelled use to reach heights never thought possible.

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